Friday, 19 October 2007

Finding the time

Ceramics time has been cut quite significantly recently :( We're trying to get the house decorated, which it is sorely in need of :P

I have finally managed the second batch of black and white beads for the BOC bead swap, so I'll get them photoed and bagged up and sent off on Monday...if they don't get caught up in the backlog of the postal strike I may even get them in on time! :D

I have also just completed a porcelain coral crater bowl that I will be offering as a prize in the Deviant Art Artisan Crafts Competition....this one is on the theme of Greek and Roman. I have an idea about what I would like to make for this....I'd like to make something based on the King Midas Myth.

I've also entered the Etsy Halloween costume contest (the renegade one, as I am not in the US it is against the law for me to win any prizes! lol) Oh well...the fangs were fun to make! :D

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