Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Decorators :P

I'm not getting much done craft wise at the moment as we have a decorator in at the moment....obviously decorating itself is not that disruptive, but we have so much junk it's hard to move it all round...and of course we are trying to throw stuff away or put it aside for charity shops.

I did however open the kiln today with my lustre firing :D

I fired at a slightly lower temperature this time, as last time I left the bung in from the start (I always fire at night and just leave the kiln to get on with it) and the glass beads melted into the pools of glass made little bulls eye's in the glass, pretty, but not what I wanted.
This time it was too low a temperature as some of the beads hardly melted at all and were easy to pick off....I'll fire them again later.

Even with a few that need firing again, it was a pretty good haul :) There were a few pendants in there from other UK Etsysellers that were created on the retreat in August. Still more to finish though !

Also out were half of the beads that I need for the BOC bead swap on the theme of black and white. I've made little pendants/charms in porcelain with craters filled with clear glass , silver lustre and black glass pearls in the centres :) Hopefully I will get on and make the rest soon...time is running out! Damn decorators!

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