Thursday, 24 January 2008

Making the best of a bad situation

The police rang today to say that someone had broken into my was sat outside the garage and the police saw a young lad in there rifling around, although didn't see him smash the window, so had nothing on him unfortunately! :P

Nothing was stolen was a hassle getting the window sorted out, but I do have a lovely pile of auto glass to use in my ceramics now, and the car was vacuumed for the first time in three years, so it isn't all bad! lol

I'm buy at the moment making custom orders and supplies for my new shop...I also have a craft fair on the second of a few heart shaped pendants! ;)

I have been organised this year and bought Adam's Valentine's card already from zozocards on Etsy. It's really cute!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

New Year, New Shop!

Well, it has been a little while since I updated this blog! :P

I guess maybe a brief synopsis is in order :)

Swaps! I took part in two ceramic swaps at the end of last was a mug swap (yes, I made a mug! Of sorts!) I received a fantastic mug from Montezuma Mudd, mostly it's used for tea, but it really should be used for thick homemade soup as it's a lovely chunky cozy mug :)

Also I took part in the BOC Black and White Bead Swap and I received the most fantastic box of treasure in the post! I used some of the beads to make necklaces for friends and family for Christmas :)

Christmas sales :) I was overwhelmed by my Christmas sales on Etsy....I was really chuffed with the amount of pieces I sold and was really feeling pretty pleased with myself :D

Interview. I was interviewed for Pepperina Press' blog, Indie/Pretty/Perfect which was a real honour!

Moo Blog. I was also featured on the Moo Blog with pictures of my Moo cards :)

Electricity monsters. Ok, so they're actually monitors, but I think my mis-hearing is more fun! Adam, my husband is monitoring our electricity usage to see where we can save both money and general wastage.....the first day he started this I had a kiln disaster! :P

Kiln Disaster! Eep! A kiln as full as it gets, with custom orders and everything! It never reached it's final temperature, so held it at just under top temperature for about eight hours or so! I was expecting a kiln full of black bubbled pieces, or at the very least, them all to be fused to the kiln shelves, but actually I got away with it very lightly! The colours of the glass were a bit washed out, and the glazes were shiny and dark, but the main thing was the bead rack, which warped and all of the beads fused together....all except one, which had a crucifix on it! Spooky eh? :)

Finally....I have a new supplies shop on Etsy, seaurchinSupplies. There isn't much in there yet, but eventually I am hoping to supply handmade ceramic beads, pendants, cabochons, mosaic tiles and doll/puppet components, all made by myself....guess I'd better go and do some work!