Wednesday, 17 February 2010

coral evolution

Over the past few years my work has evolved, and although I love the pieces I make now, I do feel that I have lost some of the original alchemy that was present in my work when I first started working with clay.

Part of this feeling comes from the fact that I have recently had a bit of work from Aardman, which is so tight and precise. When I first started ceramics it was a release from the detailed, symmetrical puppets I was creating at work and it was a chance to loosen up. As the years with children and making my own pieces have gone by, my style has tightened up somewhat. Not a bad thing, but now I'm itching to experiment again!

It has also come from reading tinctory's blog. She has been experimenting with slow dying fabrics with natural materials....I used to put any old thing in the kiln to see what happened and I must try this again! Her Etsy shop is worth a look too...she's closing down, which is a shame...but there are some bargains left!

In the is a piece of coral I have been working on for my Mum's fishtank, not finished yet...a few more pieces to make before I can fire the kiln again!

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