Monday, 3 December 2007


I haven't added a new post for's been a bit of a whirlwind, what with decorating, Etsy...a Craft Fair (yes, I finally got round to doing one!) and Christmas!

So just a quick entry today....

Look out for some new stuff in my Etsy shop over the next few days as I did a Craft Fair on Saturday and have quite a few pieces made especially for that that I now need to photograph and list. I have a lot of wallpaper pendants, made using the Anaglypta wallpaper that I stripped from the office. I've also been making simple pendants and brooches.

Another thing that has been taking a bit of my time are the UK Etsy Sellers Christmas Gift Bags....UK sellers donated gifts, cards and decorations that they made and Nicola (Pouch) and I split them into sets that are now on sale in the UKStreetTeam. All profits from the bags will go to promoting the UK Team and it's members. Check them out.....there are some fantastic pieces in them....and you could solve a few Christmas Gifts in one fell swoop! :)

Anyway, off to pack my orders!


Feather on a Wire said...

You've just sent me an email which I think you meant to send to someone named Bonnie? I tried to reply to it but it came from a no-reply address. Sorry to do this via your blog,

Lisa Stevens said...

Hello there...that's strange...what did the email say? :)

Lisa Stevens said...

Was it...
Hey thank you Bonnie...I haven't checked my blog for ages...i'm a bit behind :P I just saw your order! :)

Feather....hi, no, I have just done a craft fair, but I'm in Bristol.... not too far from Hampshire, but I have only recently started doing craft for the moment I will stick to the Bristol ones! ;)
That was a reply to the blog entries by both you and Bonnie...maybe it sends you an automatic message if you have commented on a blog? Sorry, I don't really know how blogs work, but i don't really know how how else you could have received a message from me!

zooch said...

Found your work on an internet trawl and would love to contact you properly. I am teaching ceramics at a comprehensive in Hampshire. Planning to do a project with microscopic life forms as the basis and also V V interested in your work with Aardman. Would you like to come and talk to/work with our kids sometime?

Lisa Stevens said...

Hello zooch, if you're still around! Sorry, I haven't been very good at checking my you may have noticed!

I'm afraid i can't seem to contact you privately through the blog, but if you see this message and want to contact me, my email is