Friday, 9 November 2007


Well...I got onto Trunkt :D They didn't want my jewellery, but I got in with my sculptures! Yay!

Obviously I have yet to find out if it will make any difference to my sales! In some ways I'm really glad that my sculptures have more exposure. I do want to concentrate more on the sculptures, obviously jewellery is easier to sell, and hence I've been making more of that. I really must make the effort to use the information I've gathered during my jewellery experiments in my sculptures :)

Talking of which...It's nearly time to open the kiln :D It's my biggest glaze load yet...I would even go so far as to say that my kiln was full!

I usually load the kiln at night, after I've been working for the evening. My kiln is in the garage, and it does feel a little funny going out onto the road late at night with no one around. Last night as I got to the kiln a drunk man stumbled over and lent against the wall....he was ignoring me, but I was still looking round the garage for things to use in self defense if necessary! After about five minutes of fumbling around with his phone and muttering to himself...with a brief burst of "Jingle Bells", he exclaimed "Fuck! You early gave me a heart attack!" I didn't comment that I was feeling a little nervous myself, but anyway... He did apologise for swearing...he must have been pretty drunk to have not noticed that he was next to an open garage with the light on :P

About half an hour now 'til I open the kiln ! :D


bonnie said...

i love your work.

Feather on a Wire said...

Just found you through Esty. Are you doing a fair near me? Hampshire?

Lisa Stevens said...

Hey thank you Bonnie...I haven't checked my blog for ages...i'm a bit behind :P I just saw your order! :)

Feather....hi, no, I have just done a craft fair, but I'm in Bristol.... not too far from Hampshire, but I have only recently started doing craft for the moment I will stick to the Bristol ones! ;)