Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Craft Fair Debate

I'm not sure whether to sign myself up for any of the posh craft fairs....I went to the British Crafts Fair today at the Paintworks in Bristol, mainly just to check it out. There certainly was some beautiful work and everyone's stalls looked so professional. I wanted to ask how it was going, but I thought it might be a bit rude!

Stalls are £220 for the smallest (to be honest I wouldn't need anything larger!) There was certainly a good stream of people walking through....I also noticed plenty of people walking out with their shopping bags full! I guess it's one of those don't know 'til you try it type things. The next one in Bristol by the same organisation is same time next year...I guess that gives me plenty of time to think about it :D

I would definately need to buy some professional looking display boards and maybe some small stands too. Of course there was a lot of jewellery there, but also a lot of ceramics...someone even making ceramic seaurchins! Well, there's no such thing as an original idea!

Right! My goal is to reach 100 items for sale on Etsy, and then try to keep around that number in my shop....then any surplus items I make will be set aside for those times that I am unable to keep up the pace.....*or* dah dah dah! Set aside as stock for craft fairs. I also want to make some more sculptures, using the information from my pendant experiments over the summer and incorperating the melted and fused glass, and also the lustres into the vessels..... this space! ;)

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